Building a Strong and Profitable Youth Basketball Training Program

BTS has built a set of comprehensive business systems and tools, combined with management support, that allows for the successful development of youth basketball training programs.  This and subsequent Blogs are designed to help you build your program…


I am the CEO of Basketball Training Systems, LLC (BTS).  Larry Hughes, 13 year NBA veteran and I established BTS to provide a better foundation for building long-term profitable and member-focused youth basketball programs. I come from a Wall Street and Main Street business background having successfully built several businesses. Larry obviously comes to the relationship as one of the elite world athletes that played at the pinnacle of a sport followed by over 1 billion people around the globe. He brings an understanding of the need to build strong fundamentals while still infusing fun to keep training exciting.  In our business dealings together we came to quickly recognize that the youth basketball marketplace was in need of quality training and business systems that could be consistently applied by people who have a passion for helping kids and want to make a long-term career out of doing so, in a way that could be sustainable for their family and the families they serve.  Our fast growing team is committed to that goal!


With that backdrop, we will be providing regular blogs, which you can obtain free from our website (, and which we hope will give operators of youth basketball programs information they can apply in their own businesses.


So, cinch up your laces, pay attention, and let’s build something great together!




Richard L. Campbell  


Rick Campbell