Back to School - Make your Program Part of their Routine

Back-to-School is an important time to bring more athletes into your program and reactivate athletes who quit over the summer. Families will be planning their schedules for the school year, including after-school activities, so it’s important to raise awareness during this decision-making time of year.

Although there are still a few more weeks of summer, there are a few things you can do right now to begin planning your strategy for the Back-to-School season. Here are a few to-do list items to keep in mind:

  • Develop a back-to-school offer for your marketing campaign. Use this offer in all of your marketing efforts to be consistent and make sure your team is aware of the offer.

  • Order all of the items you will need to promote your school now while there’s plenty of time. This could include pencils, book marks, stickers, book covers, back packs, coffee mugs and more!

  • Be sure that all vacationing athletes have an appointment date set for when they’ll be back in class. In a few weeks, all stragglers should be contacted and offered extra help to get restarted.

  • Plan a back-to-school party for your athletes. The goal is to get everyone back from their summer vacation and involved ASAP… before they pick another activity!

  • Pick a date for an open house event at the end of September/early October. Get all athletes involved in the demonstration to ensure you get a lot of spectators and guests. Friday nights work great. Plan a 30 minute demo, refreshments, a free trial class and a raffle to ensure you collect names, addresses and phone numbers.

If you get started on this to-do list now, you’ll be off to a great start for a successful back-to-school season.

 So, cinch up your laces, pay attention, and let’s build something great together!


Richard L. Campbell  

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