About Us

Basketball Training Systems is a Full-Service Platform that Provides operational, strategic, and tactical support to youth basketball programs sponsored by NBA Players, organizations, or individuals. 

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BTS was founded by retired NBA player Larry Hughes in conjunction with Larry Hughes Basketball Academy. Larry's vision was to develop athletes' basketball abilities and basketball iq as well as their character and life skills, while maintaining a sustainable business. 

The BTS platform offers the opportunity for other players, individuals, or organizations to establish their own basketball program using the tools established by bts. 


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Our Mission

Our mission is to deepen our athletes' commitment to personal success, using the development of basketball ability and basketball IQ as the platform for enhancing their aspirations, disciplines, and life skills. 


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Culture & Life Skills

BTS strives to impart the virtues of discipline, leadership, and character on all of the athletes in its program. We impart Life Skills not only through our regular curriculum, but also through example on the court. 

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