Our Services

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HR Management & Consulting

The BTS management team partners with the staff at the licensee level to ensure the business succeeds. Services include hiring and training of key personnel, establishing incentive plans for staff, legal documentation for staff, weekly meetings, and ongoing management to ensure success on the BTS platform. 

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Basketball Curriculum

Our approach is to develop athletes' fundamental basketball skills at our regular Skills & Drills sessions using our standardized, proven curriculum. We incorporate objective measurement techniques to demonstrate measured improvement in athletes' abilities and drive retention in our program. We offer licensees access to our extensive library of Basketball Curriculum as part of the BTS platform.  

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Business Model & Product Offering

The BTS platform includes the licensee business model, incorporating a full suite of basketball programs to drive financial success. Our product offering includes Junior, Senior, and High School Skills & Drills, team Play, small group training, strength & agility training, private one-on-one training, tournaments, camps, clinics, and retail. 

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Marketing Resource & Strategy

BTS offers a full suite of images, videos, and flyers that can be customized for your location. Additionally, the BTS platform provides a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure success of the business model. Other marketing activities include sponsorships, events to recruit new members, school talks and presentations in the community, a regular newsletter, and media partnerships.

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Technology Infrastructure

The BTS platform is housed on a proprietary online portal available to licensees, which provides task management, calendaring, and a growing library of hundreds of business resources related to financial modeling, licensee management, instructor training, marketing, athlete acquisition & recruitment, retention, culture & life skills, and basketball curriculum. BTS also includes a full system of software achitecture to support all of your business needs, including membership tracking & collections, financial reporting, and email marketing. 

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Financial Analysis & Reporting

BTS offers a full financial platform, including financial models and projections, budgeting, and event and profitability planning. We also work with an outside accounting team to ensure close out of month-end financials. 

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